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An intimate look into the gripping political strife between Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy and Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith. As the two begin to form a tense friendship that becomes an unlikely alliance, Senator Smith must choose between her political success (including a potential Vice Presidential nomination) and her own conscience, culminating in the delivery of a potentially disastrous speech on the Senate floor, her Declaration of Conscience.

“[Conscience] portrays an insightful view of McCarthyism while thoughtfully addressing themes of women in politics, the dangers of demagoguery, and how truth and reason must prevail in society.”—Broadway World

Conscience  is a dramedy about politics, doing what’s right, and putting your country first. As the play begins Margaret Chase Smith is the junior senator from Maine and the first woman to serve in both houses of congress. As McCarthy is on his meteoric rise Smith sees a possible ally. Led by her right hand man, William Lewis Jr., Smith negotiates the paths and pitfalls of DC friends and foes alike. At the same time she butts heads with Jean Kerr, McCarthy’s future wife and current assistant.

A heartfelt new work by Maine playwright Bess Welden, Madeleines tells the story of Debra and Jennifer, two sisters grieving the death of their mother, a professional baker. When a secret hidden among their mother’s recipes is discovered, the siblings fracture, and their understanding of family is put to the test. A play about sweets, familial rivalry, and learning to let go, Welden’s work asks us to examine how, and what, we forgive.

“…beautiful, poetic, and theatrically original play…” —Jewish Plays Project Artistic Director, David Winitsky

Debra has been taking care of her mother, Rose, for over a year in the long season of her dying. Rose, an accomplished baker, has been trying to pass some, (but certainly not all), of her recipes and stories to her daughter while slipping in and out of the past. Debra reveals to Jennifer that she uncovered a family secret among mom’s recipes. This news becomes almost too much to bear and the sisters rupture, and try to find a way to move forward together.

Near the Canadian Border the Perseid Meteor Showers are about to start, but the residents of a certain small town can’t decide if they’re a bad omen or a good luck charm. Not Quite Almost is an interconnected collection of short plays about young love, hope for the future, making wishes, and what it means to be truly understood. Meet a new cast of characters you’re sure to fall head over heels for in a town that’s not quite Almost, Maine. It’s a prequel. And a sequel. You decide.  

In each of the short plays we meet a couple of people who are struck by the wonder of the shooting stars in the late summer skies of northern Maine. Shay and Teddy try to figure out what to do when it feels like everything’s over, or everything’s beginning. Carly tries to make things more permanent before she heads to war, even if Jared steals her thunder. Scott and Marty reconnect and see if there’s something to rekindle. Sam and Casey try to figure out whether anyone can love someone forever. Mare and Derek mull over how to break some big news to mom. And Yoland wants to show Gwen some beautiful things, even though Gwen only has eyes for her. Through each story we get to see Cariani’s trademark wit and wisdom that’s equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking.