Student Matinees 2017-2018

The Portland Stage Student Matinee Program annually provides more than 7,000 students with discounted tickets for student matinees. The goal of our Student Matinee program is to help students gain a deeper understanding of their own lives by connecting on a deeper level to productions that explore and mirror the world in which they live. Following the performance, students participate in a talkback discussion with the cast and crew, which helps them gain awareness of the creative process and encourages them to think critically about the themes and messages of the play.

Cost: $12 per person. One comp is offered for every twenty tickets sold.

Student Matinee Reservations are handled by the Education Department, not the Box Office. To make a reservation for one of our 10:00 am matinees, contact the Education Department at 207.774.1043 x101 or email 

2017/18 SEASON
For more information about individual shows, click on the play title.

All Student Matinee performances begin at 10:00 AM.


It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play adapted by Joe Landry

During It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play the Mainstage theater will become a live radio studio, replete with period microphones, a sound effects table, hanging ‘Applause,’ ‘On the Air’ and ‘WBFR’ signs. At the top of the show five actors and an ensemble of children enter the theater dressed in fashions suggesting the nineteen-forties- the golden age of radio. As the cast mingle amongst the audience checking scripts, props and setting up the sound table, a lightly falling snow will be visible through a sound stage window. With this play the audience is the radio audience of yesteryear as this classic story unfolds through the actors playing multiple roles to tell George Bailey’s tale of renewal and rejuvenation. As the performance progresses, the audience gets to see and experience how sound effects were once made for live radio broadcasts, picture a pair of shoes being placed on gravel, or coconut shells for a horses’ hooves, the applause sign will light up to cue the audience, yet soon the lines between the actors playing roles for the radio audience, and the real characters in the story begin to blur, and everyone is brought into the embrace of this nostalgic adaptation that allows schools a fresh chance to see the classic tale anew.

Tuesday November 28th (Reserved for Culture Club-Portland)

Wednesday November 29th (Reserved for Culture Club-Portland)

Thursday November 30th (Reserved for Culture Club- Portland)

Tuesday December 5th

Thursday December 7th

Tuesday December 12th

Thursday December 14th

Tuesday December 19th

Thursday December 21st

Babette’s Feast conceived and developed by Abigail Killeen Written by Rose Courtney Adapted from the short story by Isak Dinsesen

Thursday February 1st

Wednesday February 14th

Red Herring by Michael Hollinger

Wednesday March 7th

Thursday March 8th

The Niceties by Eleanor Burgess

Wednesday April 11th

Thursday April 12th

Sex and Other Disturbances by Marisa Smith

Wednesday May 16th

Call us for age recommendations at 207-774-1043 ext. 104



  • Follow a complex multi-perspective narrative over an extended
    period of time;
  • Analyze play structure/character development;
  • Break down choices by the playwright/actor/director;
  • Observe consequences of ones actions;
  • Learn about other people and cultures;
  • Connect to a wide range of ideas and points-of-view providing a broader understanding of the world and a foundation for the future.

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