Internship Application


March 1 – Stage Management
March 15 – Directing/Dramaturgy, Education, Marketing, and all Production Internships
February 15 – Education Summer Internships
*Applications become available in Mid-December

To apply, you will need to submit a completed application form (download it below), cover letterresumé, and two letters of recommendation. Be certain to read the entire form and fill it out completely. Make every effort for at least one of the letters of recommendation to be from someone who has directly supervised your work in the area in which you are applying. In addition:

  • Directing/Dramaturgy applicants must include a two page writing sample that demonstrates your ability to incorporate research or observation and write in an engaging, readable style.
  • Education applicants must include a two page writing sample and one sample lesson plan.  The writing same should demonstrate your ability to incorporate research or observation and write in an engaging, readable style (this is not needed if just applying for Summer Education Internship). The lesson plan be anything, it does not need to be a lesson plan for an existing Portland Stage program. If you’re looking for ideas, our programming ranges from 4 to 18 years old, pick an age range and submit a lesson plan for one class/workshop.
  • Marketing applicants must include a list of their marketing areas of interest as well as two examples of work. Examples may include: Website Design, Photography, Video, Graphic Design, Copy Writing or a Blog Entry, etc.

Ready to apply?

  • Before you apply, we highly recommend that the Frequently Asked Questions page is reviewed in full.
  • Click here to download the Word File or the PDF File.
  • To apply, complete the application form and compile all of the additional materials (cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, writing samples, lesson plans, etc.), turn it into a PDF with your name, internship, and year in the file name (“Smith, Jane – Electrics – 2017” and email it to InternSearch.
  • For more detailed instructions refer to this document – Intern Application Instructions
  • Upon receipt of your application materials we will reply to inform you it has arrived.

Intern Coordinators
Email is the best way to reach us: InternSearch

Megan Doane
General Manager/Co-Intern Coordinator
207.774.1043 x102

Alex Kimmel
Company Manager/Co-Intern Coordinator
207.774.1043 x107