Friday 6/5 7:00 pm

Marianas Trench by Scott C. Sickles – Directed by Kevin R. Free, read live by professional actors, and followed by a discussion with the playwright and director, moderated by Literary Manager Todd Brian Backus. 

In Marianas Trench Teddy is an un-athletic, half-Asian nerd living in a liberal US made up of the Blue States. Anzor is the child of Muslim refugees trapped in a militant right-wing Christian theocracy that used to be the Red States. The boys send secret messages to one another about the Marianas Trench under the government’s watchful eye and find the person they need the most, is someone they’ve never met.


Scott C. Sickles

Scott C. Sickles (Playwright) is an LGBTQ/biracial Asian American writer whose plays have been performed in New York City, across the US, and internationally in Canada, Australia, the UK, Hungary, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lebanon. They include Nonsense and Beauty (2019 World Premiere, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; 2018 Edgerton New Play Award; 2020 St. Louis Theater Circle Award; 2020 ATCA Steinberg Finalist), Marianas Trench (2019 O’Neill Finalist); Pangea (2020 O’Neill Semifinalist), and Composure (2016 NY Innovative Theatre Award; 2018 Lambda Literary Award Finalist).  Five consecutive Writers Guild of America Awards for “General Hospital” and seven Emmy nominations. Dramatists Guild., NPX.

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