Patron Safety Q & A

Q. Why aren’t there dates on your 2020-21 Mainstage Productions.

We have started offering memberships to our 2020-21 season with the hopes that we can produce this fall with people in the theater, but we will only do so if we can do it safely.

Q. How are you going to keep us safe when you resume productions?

As we are moving forward, we may need to alter order of shows, run the season longer into the spring, or even choose an alternative production if we think it will be a better choice for the times at hand. We are trying to be as nimble and flexible as we can so that we are prepared to provide our audience with great productions in a safe way.

Q. I was a member, but I’m not ready to commit to buying a 2020-21
membership. What will happen to my seats?

In response to the COVID-19 crises, we are offering a “hold my 2019-20 seats” membership for a single low fee of $50. With this membership, you are guaranteed your chance to renew your season seats into the 2021-22 season, and if you feel comfortable at any point during the season to attend, you will be able to purchase subscriber discounted tickets before single tickets even go on sale. more info

Q. Are you planning smaller audiences, social distancing, masks?

You can find the Maine CDC guidelines for reopening here:

Theaters are not included in the published phases yet.

Right now, we are working with other performing arts centers in Maine as well as government and health experts to come up with really clean, clear actions for every part of the audience experience since Maine has not set clear parameters for public safety in theaters yet.

Our goal is to have the same type of safety protocols in place that you will find at other venues so that our field as a whole is consistent and audiences know what to expect when they attend Portland Stage and other venues.

Q. What if I don’t feel safe coming in but I have a ticket?

We are  working with unions and rights holders to allow us to be able to tape our shows so that those who do not want to attend the theater can still join us virtually. We also will maintain a generous exchange and refund policy, as we don’t want patrons coming in if they might be ill or have ill family members.

If you have any other questions, please contact the box office. 207.774.0465, Tues.-Sat. Noon to 6 pm. Or email:  [email protected]