Virtual Reading – SENIOR LIVING

Join us for a reading of SENIOR LIVING by Tor Hyams and Lisa St. Lou, directed by Jennifer Cannizzaro.
Take a peek at the playwriting process as we explore this never-before-read draft of our upcoming play SENIOR LIVING.

SENIOR LIVING is a play with music about people dying to live. At Riverdale Manor, a retirement community in the Bronx, seniors contemplate the possibility of dying from a broken heart, if divorce is even worth it at a certain age, and when is the right time to have sex again. A talent show, with the promise of cake for dessert, sets the scene for a series of life-changing vignettes that debate what to do with the time we have left.

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A recording of the reading will be available at from 1/23-1/25.

Anita Stewart talks with  Playwrights Tor Hyams and Lisa St. Lou