Warmups & Activities

Use your voices, bodies, and imaginations with these follow-along videos and interactive activities.


Physical Warmup with Kali Quinn
(Ages 8-Adult)

The Banana Song
(Ages 2-10)

The Ma Game
(Ages 2-10)

The One Room Play
(Grade 4-12)

Other Activities

Play Theater Bingo
(Ages 6-Adult)

To get BINGO, complete 5 of the activities arranged in a line – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

To start, choose an activity from the grid. Then decide which direction to go from there (up/down, to the side, or following the diagonal), choose the next tile, and keep playing until you have a line of five!

Play on your own, with your quarantine pals, or challenge friends from afar to a race to BINGO!

Send us¬†pictures and videos of you completing the challenges to share your accomplishment with Portland Stage’s Education Department.

What is a creativity/imagination space?

This is a “choose your own adventure” tile. Come up with your own creativity challenge to earn this tile.