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Directors Lab Program

Julius Caesar Public Performance February 6th @ 7pm PAY WHAT YOU CAN
Experience our Directors Lab tour at Portland Stage. Come see our 45 minute version of Julius Caesar. Click to reserve your spot.

Julius Caesar Winter 2018

In our Directors Lab, professionally trained Teaching Artists present a 45 minute long version of a Shakespeare play, with text selected to inspire and incite conversation among middle and high school students. After the performance, students are given the opportunity to “direct” those scenes via a series of workshops. Students are invited to unpack the world of rhetoric, intent, tactics, and are shown the benefits of increasing their desire to communicate.

This interactive process allows students to see how interpretation changes perceptions, and requires students to make a stronger personal, emotional and thoughtful connection to classic texts (e.g. Shakespeare). Additionally, workshops encourage participants to experience multiple ways of interpreting the same material, and give students an opportunity for self expression, passionate and eloquent communication, and a strong and confident voice.

Observing how a director’s choice can influence an outcome encourages students to learn the power of their choices. Students will work as a team with our teaching artists in an inclusive, safe environment during this fun, on your feet, immersive theater lab.

Limited engagements available – call for pricing and more information.

Contact:  Portland Stage Education at 207.774.1043 x104 or email 

Lincoln Middle School responds to an abridged performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!


Click here to read about our visit to Lincoln Middle School with Romeo and Juliet.

Feedback from Gray New Gloucester for our performance and workshops around Shakespeare’s  Romeo and Juliet!

“The play that was put on for us was amazing!””In the play I got a new image or feeling for the writing. I understood the main events much better, and the mood of the lines… The activities after the performance also helped understand the events. I enjoyed the whole thing and learned a lot from it.”

“I would like them to come back and perform again plus the workshop was so much fun.”

“I enjoyed the performance because I got a different perspective of the play then I did when reading it. During the workshop I enjoyed the text layup, and the arguing.”

“When we did these activities I got to do new things I haven’t done before and I actually liked it very much.”

“One thing that I liked was when we were able to act out a part of Romeo and Juliet.”

“I liked the play and how they made it easier for me to understand what actually happened. I also learned that public speaking is not bad if everybody has to do it. “

“I enjoyed the play itself and how they did it with only 4 actors. It was very creative… They really inspired me to want to act someday.”

“The play of Romeo and Juliet was a great play and had events that we have been studying such as when Romeo and Juliet commit suicide… The fight scenes gave me a good image how the characters act throughout the scene. The play also helped me to see if violence is justified in the play.”