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The TOGETHER IN MAINE Online Auction is now CLOSED. We are still tallying up the final bids, but are very proud to report that we have hit our goal of $25,000! Thanks to a generous anonymous pledge, all proceeds from the auction have been matched dollar for dollar, so we were able to raise over $50,000 for our Theater Artist Fund! We thank you for playing your part as we move forward TOGETHER. Be sure to check back soon for a final update!


Questions about our online auction? Please contact [email protected]

Thank You for your Generous Contribution to our Theater Artist Fund:

  • Martin Lodish & Kristin Schardt
  • Rick & Lynne Gammon
  • Sara Murphy
  • Jackie Oliveri
  • Patti & Malcolm Poole
  • Anonymous
  • John Leonard
  • Peter H. Clough
  • Fred & Karen Farber
  • Kristen Jacobson
  • Sheryl & Jim Stockless
  • Jane & Nate Stevens
  • David & Lynn Jourdan
  • Greg Lanou & Tracy Skillen-Lanou
  • Nelson & Lisa Toner
  • Kristin Conant
  • Colleen Backus
  • Cheryl & George Higgins
  • Cameron Goodwin
  • Darrell Pardy & Carolyn Hughes
  • Carole Palmer
  • Beth Given
  • Dan Morgenstern & Moriah Moser
  • Courtney McMahon
  • Marie E. Barnieri
  • Derek Veilleux
  • Avril Roux
  • Stella & Guy Hernandez
  • Lisa Macaulay
  • Carole Palmer
  • Kathi Perkins
  • Joan Steinberg
  • Theresa Labreecque
  • Linda Shane
  • Erik Bergman
  • Lisa Friedlander
  • Richard O’Meara
  • Katheryn Ackermann
  • Lauren Stockless
  • Emily Bukowski-Thall
  • Mike Haefele
  • Robert Scribner
  • Carol Kloth
  • David Ertz
  • Mical Hutson
  • Dana Katz
  • Abby Dubay-Troiano
  • Susan and James Carter
  • Venita and Mike Simcock
  • Mary Steidl

Special Thanks to our TOGETHER IN MAINE Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor: Pierce Atwood

Silver Sponsor: Custom Float Services

Supporter: Spinnaker Trust


In-Kind Supporters


*Limited to the Greater Portland Area, and bidders 21+