Abigail Killeen (AEA), Tod Randolph (AEA), Jennifer Paredes (AEA), Michelle Rios (AEA) in THE CLEAN HOUSE. Photo by Aaron Flacke.

When we are able to offer concessions, Portland Stage prides itself on its varied selection of locally made baked goods, candies, coffee, and beer as well as soft drinks, specialty wines, tea for your enjoyment.


While we continue to be unable to offer concessions at this time due to the ongoing pandemic, we encourage you to visit our concessions vendors. Once we are offering concessions again, we’ll use this page to preview some of our classic offerings to give you a peek into what we’ve got on offer.

Our Bakers

Our Confectioners

Our Coffee, Tea, & Soda Distributors

Our Beer, Wine, & Cider Distributors