To reach the Box Office, please call 207.774.0465
For any other calls within Portland Stage, please call 207.774.1043 + extension

Executive & Artistic Director: Anita Stewart

Artistic & Production Staff
Production Manager: Daniel Brodhead (x307)
Carpenter: Nathaniel Genrich
Company Manager: Jennifer London (x107)
Costume Shop Supervisor: Susan Thomas (x114)
Lighting and Sound Supervisor: Daniel Brodhead (x307)
Literary Manager: Todd Brian Backus (x119)
Props Manager: Meg Anderson (x308)
Stage Manager: Myles C. Hatch (x113)
Technical Director: Ted Gallant (x116)

Audience Services Manager: Donald Smith (x120)
Box Office Assistant Manager: Renee Myhaver (x121)
Business Manager: Paul Ainsworth (x103)
Development Assistant: Lauren Stockless (x109)
Development Director: Beth Given (x109)
Education Administrator: Julianne Shea (x104)
Education Director: Hannah Cordes (x105)
Finance Director: Martin Lodish (x111)
Front of House Associates: Nolan Ellsworth, Madeleine St. Germain,
Nathan Sylvester, Shannon Wade
General Manager/Intern Coordinator: Doane Dorchester (x102)
Group Sales Coordinator: Myles C. Hatch (x304)
House Managers: Chris DeFilipp & Adam Thibodeau (x118)
Marketing Associate: Cody W. Brackett
Marketing Director: Mical Hutson (x108)

Intern Company
Costumes: Whitney Edmonds & Mollie Lipkowitz
Directing & Dramaturgy: Macey Downs, Zach Elton, & Meredith G. Healy
Education: Sophia Diaz & Jordan Wells
Electrics/Sound: Audrey Kastner
General/Company Management: Lizzie Lotterer
Stage Management: Beth Koehler & Courtney Prentiss

Board of Trustees
Darrell Pardy, President
Susan G. Carter, Peter Clough, Scott Cowger, Samuel Dunkel, Fredric Farber, Stella Hernandez, Megan Lallier, John F. Leonard IV, Sara A. Murphy, Todd Nicholson, Carole Ann Palmer, Venita Simcock, Cathy Stankard, Jane Stevens, Robin Talbot, Nelson A. Toner, Daniel Tucker, Anne Wade