2020-21 Season


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2020-2021 SEASON LINE-UP

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A World Premiere
by Callie Kimball
In the fictional town of Hillcroft Maine, a 19th century African-American schoolteacher is determined to elevate her students. One hundred years later, in the same place, a white teacher is running for office. As the two stories intertwine, ownership of history takes center stage.
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By Arthur Miller
Miller’s classic tale based on the Salem Witch Trials and the Red Scare gets a contemporary brush-up as rumors of witchcraft in an isolated community lead to deadly accusations.
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by Charles Dickens
Celebrate the holidays with this timeless tale that embodies the season: love, family, and the spirit of goodwill.  This magical production is perfect for the entire family, guaranteed to warm the heart of every Scrooge. Start a family tradition of your own.
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A World Premiere
by Tor Hyams & Lisa St. Lou
A play with music about people dying to live. At Riverdale Manor, a retirement community in the Bronx, seniors contemplate the possibility of dying from a broken heart, if divorce is even worth it at a certain age, and when is the right time to have sex again. A talent show, with the promise of cake for dessert, sets the scene for a series of life-changing vignettes that debate what to do with the time we have left.
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By Bekah Brunstetter
Della’s dreamed of baking a wedding cake for her best friend’s daughter, Jen. But when Jen comes home from NYC with a female fiancé, Della doesn’t know what to do. This deliciously funny comedy examines what happens when what we believe comes in conflict with those we love.
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by Lanford Wilson
After a year of writing letters, Matt Friedman travels from St. Louis to Lebanon, Missouri to try and convince Sally Talley to marry him. As the two reexamine their relationship, they explore the complexities of human connection and the different forms that a romantic partnership can take.
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by Willy Holtzman
Music by Louise Beach & Lyrics by Darrah Cloud
This moving new musical illuminates Sabina Spielrein, a patient turned doctor, unfairly sidelined to the margins of history by two famous men in her field of psychiatry, Jung and Freud. Mark the centennial of women’s suffrage with a journey through melody and song to discover this truly remarkable woman.
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