2019-2020 Season



Dates: Sept 24 - Oct 13, 2020

In an imperfect world, the best solution is to laugh.  Conflict and comedy weave a whimsical tale about cleaning, relationships and finding the perfect apple.   Award winning playwright Sarah Ruhl reminds us what’s important in life, and that humor and beauty still enchant in the most unlikely places.

READ TO ME by Brendan Pelsue

Dates: Oct 22 - Nov 10, 2020

Winner of the 2018 Clauder Competition. A poignant story about a child with a terminal illness who connects delicate moments in unusual ways.  Discovering the mysterious “Postal Service,” he sends messages to the world, and awaits a response. This poetic play, created through magical realism, reveals the quiet ways in which we connect.

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, a live radio play

Dates: Nov 29 - Dec 24, 2020

Celebrate the Holiday Season with this beloved American classic. This heartwarming story of renewal is presented as a 1940’s radio broadcast with sound effects performed live on stage.  With the help of an ensemble and an angel named Clarence, George Bailey learns the million different ways that we are tied to those around us.


Before television, the largest popular form of entertainment was the radio. Much like today, families would have their dinner and then sit around the radio waiting to hear either the news or their favorite radio program. Radio shows were usually done by just a few actors playing multiple characters and there was a person responsible for all of the sounds created during the show. “Commercial Breaks” were done by the same actors that enacted the plays! Comparisons to today might be Prairie Home Companion, the live radio show by Garrison Keillor.  

ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani

Dates: Jan 15 - Feb 9, 2020

Celebrate the bicentennial of our State with a play that put us on the map. Offering charming vignettes about love, and life in Maine, this beloved play broke box office records, went onto critical acclaim, and delighted audiences across the globe after its premiere at Portland Stage in 2004.

NATIVE GARDENS by Karen Zacarías

Dates: March 3 - 29, 2020

Each purchased ticket can be used to view our full production NATIVE GARDENS on your digital streaming platform. Allow the box office up to a full business day to deliver your e-tickets, please. Each ticket is sold for one person to view. The broadcast will expire April 12. We encourage you to share far and wide to support Portland Stage during this turbulent time for the performing arts and to support your friends and family's emotional health and need for connection and art! If you have questions, the best way to reach the box office during the City of Portland's shelter-at-home order is through email:  [email protected]. This brilliant new comedy turns well-intentioned neighbors into feuding enemies when a rising Chilean attorney, and his pregnant American wife, purchase a home next to a well-established D.C. couple, and their prized English garden.  Cultures and gardens clash over a fence line that spirals into an all-out border dispute, exposing notions of race, taste, class, and privilege.

THE CHILDREN by Lucy Kirkwood

Dates: April 7 - 26, 2020

PUBLIC HEALTH CANCELLATION: THIS PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN CANCELED FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR PATRONS. This Tony-nominated play took both English and American audiences by storm with its journey into the dark past of three nuclear physicists who meet in a ‘cottage on the east coast’ to contemplate the end of the world. Old memories are relived before a harrowing proposal is revealed: just what will be done about the children?

SABINA by Willy Holtzman, with music by Louise Beach, and lyrics by Darrah Cloud

Dates: May 5 - 24, 2020

PUBLIC HEALTH CANCELLATION: THIS PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN CANCELED FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR PATRONS. This moving new musical illuminates Sabina Spielrein, a patient turned doctor, unfairly sidelined to the margins of history by two famous men in her field of psychiatry, Jung and Freud.  Mark the centennial of women’s suffrage with a journey through melody and song to discover this truly remarkable woman.