They’re Coming!

They’re Coming!
by Megan Doane

In 24 days we start another whirlwind adventure with a new batch of interns (I do realize that our final 2 interns still need to leave us, but I’m denial about that fact for at least another week – shhhhhhh).  So that means we have 24 days to finish preparations.  Which, at this point, is creating a welcome packet, creating the intern orientation schedule, and making sure the housing has been cleaned up.  The really difficult things have already been done.

Yesterday we sent out the assistant director assignments to all of the Directing and Dramaturgy Interns (D&D’s).  Creating those assignments for three people is almost as difficult as creating the housing assignments for 10 people, the other very difficult task that was recently accomplished.  First you take into consideration what everyone listed as their preferences, then you look at the schedule to see what is feasible.  If someone listed Red and Whipping Man as their top choices, they can’t do them both because they are back to back.  Plus, run crew assignments also have to come into consideration.  Each D&D is assigned to two run crews throughout the season, and once the assistant directing assignments have been set it limits what they can do for run crews.  Not to mention if we know someone has requested a weekend off in advance.  But it’s done!  And it’s as fair and even as we could make it.

Housing assignments have also been completed!  Another juggling act.  This person cleans their dishes immediately after using and this one cleans the dishes when the sink is full.  This one wants 6 hours of sleep and this one wants 9.  This one wants to bring her cat and this one’s allergic to cats.  This one plays the cello and this one plays the guitar (success!) and this one hates music playing at night (crap).  These three all like Harry Potter (success).  Again, it all worked out in the end.

Now I have 1 more week to spoil our final two 13-14 interns.  I’ve already forced them to watch “Sleepless in Seattle” and “While You Were Sleeping”.  They probably need to watch at least one more classic rom-com before they leave.

The other thing that happens in 24 days: Ella Wrenn (Co-Intern Coordinator) returns to Portland Stage Company!  The rest of our seasonal/production staff returns on August 18th!  Can’t wait to get the new season underway!


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