When Helen goes to an academic conference, she reluctantly calls on her absent younger brother Teddy for help with their elderly mother. Over the weekend Teddy truly sees his mother, perhaps for the first time, and learns secrets from the past in this heartwarming drama about the memories we cherish, and those we try to forget.

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WIT AND WISDOM | Monday Nov 6 
Readings from the great writings on the Outrage, the Interest, the Pleasure, the Amusement, Amazement, and Abundance of the Extraordinary Phenomenon of Getting Older.
6:30 Reception | 7pm Reading, Discussion to Follow
Compiled by Vivian Gornick & Nora Eisenberg | Directed by Eileen Phelan

With: Moria Driscoll, Andrew Harris, Abigail Killeen, Callie Kimball, Daniel Noel, Monica Wood, & more!

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