A Continual Process

By Jen Medina-Gray

Tech begins this weekend (9/19-9/20) for our first show, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and I can’t help but feel how quickly this first production has flown by. As the carpentry and set design intern I have been building platforms, painting furniture, hanging masking, and everything in between since I walked in to the shop on our first day of work.

In the beginning of our process, the set for this production seemed very simple to build. In fact, we were finished with the basic construction by the end of the first week. Everything was going very smoothly, and it almost felt like we would run out of things to do! By the end of the second week, we had already installed the scenery onstage. So…what were we supposed to do until the show opened? It was then that I remembered that theatre is – and always will be – an ongoing process. We will never be finished until opening night.

Although the set seemed very simple to construct at first, we continually find ourselves looking to improve or add to what has already been built. At this point in the process we are finessing the smallest details of the set, a luxury many productions do not have. We are never quite finished until opening night because there will always be something that can be enhanced. We would probably never call our work finished if no one said we had to because the house was opening.

With each day, you can see the subtle improvements that everyone has helped to make and I can’t wait to see what this weekend of tech brings to further the artistic process and the overall outcome of this wonderful production.

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